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Monday, June 8, 2015

Continuous Capacity Planning that Biz and Dev Folk can Like Like

Hi all:

I was fortunate to be selected to present at this year's Keep Austin Agile on May 8, 2015.

Many product development teams struggle through “painful” planning meetings. No one seems to enjoy them but they are deemed necessary for various reasons that all start off with good intentions and critical needs. They typically do not harness the power of being responsive to change and following YAGNI (You Ain't Gonna Need It) and delaying decision until the last responsible moment concepts that are core to true agility (i.e. more waste than the Austin Community Landfill).

In this talk, Matt will provide an approach that he’s used for years to strike the delicate balance of building a product and development roadmap that can be used for long-term planning, short-term planning, and being extremely responsive to change. It’s also respectful of the Agile Manifesto Principles and Values. This approach should make planning an easier, if not fun, for everyone from Developers to Product Managers to Executives. It will include a simulation of sorts, that walks through a short- and long-term roadmap that responds to change as unexpected (pulled from REAL LIFE!) things happen.

Here's a direct link to the presentation.  I'd certainly enjoy any feedback in the comments section below.