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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Radical Roadmapping - Creating Synchronized Agile Product and Technology Roadmaps

Howdy all:

As mentioned back in December, I was selected to present at the amazing Keep Austin Agile 2016 Conference that which I've learned in creating multiple roadmaps that synchronize product innovation with technology improvements both from a platform and a DevOps perspective (among others).  I also had the opportunity to present this at the Agile Austin Product SIG meeting in May as well as Product Camp 17 in August.  Cool!

My offer to present this content to individuals and companies has been well-received and I had a chance to do that as well a few times and am continuing to share what I've learned originally as well as the ongoing discussions I've had in the community.  Double cool!  Note, this offer is still open!

Here's the latest version of the presentation from SlideShare:

I'm always looking for more feedback, so please feel free to reach out to me for engaging discussions in bridging the gaps that frequently exist between various stakeholders in a product development organization.  It's my passion to help us all work #bettertogether!