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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SIGs continue to take flight (Thank you PlanView)

About a month ago, I announced that BazaarVoice had stepped up and helped spread the SIG goodness by agreeing to host the DevSIG and the DevOps SIG.  I hinted that another one was in the works, but I didn’t name names J 

I am now pleased to announce that two SIGs have moved from CA Technologies to PlanView!  This is due to the direct efforts of Eric McVickers, who was one of the AgileAustin founding members, to contribute to the community and help find sponsorships that are meaningful and aligned with local companies’ interests.  The QA SIG and the KanbanSIG had their first meeting there a few weeks ago, and will continue this going forward.  This has been a great part of the DeltaAgileAustin working group—I might not have met Eric if not for his involvement in this effort, and our subsequent discussions.  Rock on.

The Leaders SIG and the Architect SIG remain at CA Technologies as will another that will be starting shortly—the AgileUX SIG.  More on that one soon.  If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering and getting more valuable programs started for the community, please contact me or any other board member!

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