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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SIGs are Taking Flight! (Thank you BazaarVoice)

A few weeks ago, Ryan Hand and the team at BazaarVoice asked me how they could sponsor AgileAustin. We had a great few initial meetings, and we found that sponsoring one or more of our SIGs would provide the greatest immediate value not only to the AgileAustin community but also the hundreds of folks engaged in product development at BazaarVoice. Not only will their team have direct access to the meetings in their facility, our community will be exposed to folks that are part of a high-growth agile adoption strategy. As if this isn’t enough, BV is continuing to investigate more ways that they can sponsor AgileAustin!

So, I’m excited to announce that BazaarVoice has agreed to take on two of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs)—the Developer SIG and the DevOps SIG. While I will miss having the crowd here in CA Technologies and the short commute that I currently enjoy, I’m looking forward to the opportunity for our office to shelter new types of programs through their nascent stages as we continue to inspect and adapt on the types of programs that offer the community real value.

Be on the lookout for another great Austin company that has also volunteered to be the home to an existing and *NEW* SIG—it might also be a better commute for some of us (not me J ). I’ll be making this announcement shortly.

As always, if anyone is interested in either sponsoring AgileAustin, or coming up with a new AgileAustin program, please let me know.


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